Op/Ed: Proposition 46 - A Harmful Direction for Patients

Backers of California Proposition 46 claim it will protect the patient and reduce patient harm. While the initiative argues patient safeguards and seems well-intended, the proposition is flawed and costly. If passed as written, Proposition 46 would discourage doctors from working in California, jeopardize patient privacy, and increase patient and government healthcare costs.

Raley’s to pay $1.6 million to settle suit; Must provide emergency safe drinking water system

Raley’s has agreed to pay nearly $1.6 million in civil penalties, costs and funding for environmental projects as part of a settlement related to allegations of improperly disposing hazardous waste.

The judgment is the culmination of a civil enforcement lawsuit filed in San Joaquin County to stop the West Sacramento-based supermarket chain from unlawfully transporting and disposing of retail hazardous waste, according to a press release from at least two of the 25 district attorneys who announced the suit.

The settlement was approved by San Joaquin Superior Court Judge Bob McNatt.

Tahoe Douglas Sewer sued for failure to provide pay records

The Tahoe Douglas Sewer Improvement District is being sued for failure to abide by the Nevada Public Records Act and not providing payroll records when asked.

In a lawsuit filed in the Ninth Judicial District Court (covers Douglas County), the Nevada Policy Research Institute claims that the TDSI has refused to their request for the district's compensation records.

They say that, in the seven years NPRI has run, the Tahoe Douglas Sewer Improvement District has been the least responsive government agency in Nevada.

Former City employee loses wrongful termination lawsuit

The South Lake Tahoe City Council agreed to a settlement agreement on Tuesday with former City employee Stan Sherer who had sued for wrongful termination in 2013. He claimed that his termination was based on age discrimination.

According to documents received by South Tahoe Now, the City was cleared of any wrongdoing and is not required to pay anything to Sherer, including attorney's fee. In turn, the City has agreed to not sue Sherer who served as the Community Services Director for 18 months beginning in January 2011.

Large Scale Beach and Lake Tahoe Clean Up After Fireworks

Volunteers are scouring Lake Tahoe beaches and waters, looking for fireworks remnants and other trash.

In response to the lawsuit filed after large amounts of fireworks debris was found on the beach at Pinewild last summer, local service clubs, employee groups and other volunteer teams formed by local agencies joined in beach clean up efforts.

LTVA Passes on South Lake Tahoe Fireworks to Douglas County Visitor's Authority

The Lake Tahoe Visitor's Authority has passed on the proverbial fireworks torch to the Tahoe Douglas Visitor's Authority.

In a move created by last year's fireworks lawsuit, the LTVA board was advised by legal counsel to seek an alternative sponsor and acted on that advice according to LTVA Executive Director Carol Chaplin.

The TDVA begins sponsorship this year.

Joseph and Joan Truxler: Let's All Get Together and Make the Fireworks Better, Make Cleanup Better

They’ve been called unpleasant names that can’t be printed. They’ve received death threats. For a few days one may even assume they were hated. That was then.

They’re being called courageous. They’re being called heroes. They’re being thanked for caring about our environment and bringing the effect of fireworks in the lake to the forefront. That is now.

Tahoe Regional Plan Upheld in Court; Sierra Club and Friends of the West Shore Lawsuit Struck Down

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and League to Save Lake Tahoe are joining other local groups and individuals in applauding the decision today in Federal Court to uphold the Lake Tahoe Regional Plan. U.S. District Court Judge John Mendez found that the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency acted properly in its Dec. 12, 2012 approval of an updated regional plan for the Tahoe Basin.

These Tahoe Regional Plan will guide all aspects of land management, development and planning in the Tahoe Basin for the next 20 years.

Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority Reaches Settlement to Save Fireworks Shows

Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority (LTVA) announced today that an agreement has been reached to dismiss the lawsuit ensuring South Lake Tahoe’s future fireworks celebrations will continue.

Opinion: Lawsuits Are Not The Answer To Fireworks Debris

As we all know, the economy and our environment are fundamentally intertwined. If we ever doubted the connection, those doubts should have been erased through the impacts of the Great Recession on our local economy. We need revenue from tourism to sustain our economy, which in turn helps to fund environmental projects that protect the natural beauty, which draws millions of visitors every year. We cannot have a thriving economy without protecting the environment and we cannot have a beautiful natural environment without money to protect and properly sustain it.

Settlement Needed by April 4 or South Lake Tahoe 4th of July Fireworks Will Be Canceled

The message to Joseph and Joan Truxler is simple and clear: Meet with us, come up with a solution and drop your lawsuit by April 4. If the suit isn't dropped by then the South Lake Tahoe 4th of July Fireworks display will be canceled.

South Lake Tahoe Fireworks Show May Be Canceled Due To Lawsuit

A lawsuit brought against the Lake Tahoe Visitor's Authority (LTVA) and Pyro Spectaculars may put an end to the decades old 4th of July fireworks tradition in South Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Tourism Officials Denounce Fireworks Lawsuit

With Tahoe South’s two annual fireworks celebrations meeting all state and federal standards throughout their 30-year history, area tourism officials strongly denounced a lawsuit that could threaten the annual July Fourth and Labor Day events as totally unnecessary.

In November, Joseph and Joan Truxler, of Zephyr Cove, Nev., filed a federal lawsuit against the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority and Pyro Spectaculars North alleging the twice-annual fireworks shows violated the Clean Water Act.

Parking Meters and State of the City Address Highlight November 5 South Lake Tahoe City Council Meeting

A full agenda awaits the South Lake Tahoe city council on Tuesday, November 5 and contains key topics from a presentation on the parking meter situation to Mayor Tom Davis's State of the City Address.

Here are a few of the key agenda items:

State of the City Address
Public comment on items NOT on the agenda (3 minute maximum)
Presentation and update on the City's parking meter program
Citizen's Academy Graduates acknowledged
Authorize purchase of 1740 D Street for Public Works Street Division use

El Dorado County women indicted in nationwide $60 million tax fraud refund scheme

In an indictment unsealed Tuesday, three El Dorado County women — Teresa Marie Marty, of Pollock Pines, Rebecca Bandera-Marty of Shingle Springs, and Pamela Harris of Placerville — were charged with conspiring to defraud the United States, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service announced.

In addition to the conspiracy count, Marty is charged with 33 counts of false claims against the United States, and Bandera-Marty is also charged in 16 of these counts.

Work at Washoe Meadows set for this summer

Despite an ongoing 1½-year-old lawsuit involving Washoe Meadows State Park, improvements at the South Shore park are expected to begin this summer.

Six Reasons Housing Inventory is declining

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal there are 6 reasons why there is a declining inventory of homes for sale in the United States. These 6 reasons also apply to Lake Tahoe, on both the California side and Nevada sides of the Lake.

Their 6 reasons why housing inventory is declining

1.  Many homeowners are underwater (owe more than their home is worth) so they are unlikely to sell until home values rise more than they have already. More than 10 million home owners are in this position in the US.

Area Plans moving forward despite lawsuit

What the South Shore looks like in the future could be determined in coming days and months as local governments move forward with portions of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency's Regional Plan Upd...

Saunders: Does this broomstick go with my prison stripes?

In its wisdom - and yes, I am being ironic - the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco issued a ruling Tuesday that revives a California inmate lawsuit to force the state Department of...

Guest column: Thankful for lawsuit against Regional Plan

My name is Ellie Waller. I am writing as a volunteer on behalf of many community members concerned about the future of Lake Tahoe.I attended the vast majority of the Regional Plan Update meetings h...

B's Business Viewpoint: Collaboration is the key to our future

By now you're aware of the Sierra Club's frivolous lawsuit on the Regional Plan Update. We cannot afford to let litigation stand in the way of our future. The thousands of citizens who participated...

B's Business Viewpoint: Collaboration is the key to our future

By now you're aware of the Sierra Club's frivolous lawsuit on the Regional Plan Update. We cannot afford to let litigation stand in the way of our future. The thousands of citizens who participated...

Guest column: Disappointed in the Sierra Club's lawsuit

My first job out of college was canvassing door-to-door in Los Angeles building a new membership base for the national Sierra Club. It was a tough job - especially when actress Holly Hunter slammed...

TRPA Column: Standing Up to Save Lake Tahoe

Following years of public process and serious discussions to improve one of the strictest environmental plans in the nation, the Sierra Club recently filed suit on the update of Lake Tahoe’s Regional Plan, a blueprint for the region’s long-term sustainability.

Weekend Reading

In this weekly round-up, we scour our website for the week's best articles. This issue focuses on a lawsuit filed against the TRPA's Regional Plan Update, stellar South Tahoe basketball performance...

Guest column: It's TRPA's fault Regional Plan lawsuit was filed

That a lawsuit has been filed by the Sierra Club and Friends of the West Shore against the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency's Regional Plan Update should come as no surprise to conservationists, poli...

Letter to the editor: A response to the lawsuit filed against the RPU

It is just as well the Sierra Club were not filing lawsuits 50 years ago, before the Tahoe ecosystem was overwhelmed by development. I'm sure we're all impressed by the newly formed "collaborative ...

Regional Plan faces court challenge

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency's Regional Plan Update is headed to court.On Monday, the Sierra Club and Friends of the West Shore filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the TRPA's long-di...

EarthJustice: Weakened Environmental Plan for Lake Tahoe Challenged in Court

Two Tahoe conservation groups, the Sierra Club and Friends of the West Shore, filed a federal lawsuit on Monday challenging new rules for Lake Tahoe that seriously reduce protections for the treasured mountain lake. The new Tahoe Regional Plan Update, approved in December by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA), shifts authority over future development decisions to local jurisdictions. The plan also allows those towns and counties to adopt weakened pollution controls that do not meet the minimum environmental requirements established by TRPA.

TRPA: Pointless lawsuit a major step backward for Lake Tahoe

A lawsuit was filed in federal district court today against the first significant update to environmental protection standards at Lake Tahoe since 1987, a move that rolls back the clock nearly that far on efforts to restore the Lake’s fragile ecosystem, according to the bi-state Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA), the defendant in the case.

Environmental groups challenge Lake Tahoe Regional Plan Update

The Sierra Club and Friends of the West Shore filed a lawsuit Monday challening the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency's Regional Plan Update, according to a statement from the agency.Developing...Copy...

Can Lake Tahoe Stay Blue and Get Smart?

Earlier this month, a federal judge ruled that an expansion plan for Homewood Mountain Resort on the shores of Lake Tahoe would not be allowed to move forward without further considering a scaled-back alternative with less environmental impact. The Sierra Club, which joined with a local environmental group and Earthjustice to bring the suit against the resort, is calling the decision a victory. But so is Tahoe's regional planning agency, because, it says, at least the judge did not say the environmental review was flawed.

Praise for TRPA plan rolls in as others contemplate lawsuit

Homewood lawsuit remanded back to TRPA on one issue

On the question of whether the Homewood Mountain Ski Area Resort, a ski area on Lake Tahoe’s West Shore, can be revitalized, the U.S. District Court validated all of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s environmental findings in the decision on the Sierra Club’s lawsuit challenging the project. The court remanded the case back to TRPA on one very limited issue concerning the adequacy of the economic analysis related to one of the alternatives studied, TRPA officials said.

Federal judge halts major Lake Tahoe ski resort expansion

HOMEWOOD, Calif. - Nearly one year to the day since a lawsuit was filed, a federal judge has sent a proposed Lake Tahoe ski resort expansion back to the drawing board.The public interest law firm E...

Federal judge halts major Lake Tahoe ski resort expansion

HOMEWOOD, Calif. - Nearly one year to the day since a lawsuit was filed, a federal judge has sent a proposed Lake Tahoe ski resort expansion back to the drawing board.

Judge hears arguments in Homewood development lawsuit

Female military members sue to serve in combat

SAN FRANCISCO - Four female military service members have filed a lawsuit challenging the Pentagon's ban on women serving in combat.The lawsuit was filed in federal court in San Francisco Tuesday a...

Property owners file lawsuit to stop KGID from expanding

Casinos face lawsuit from Prestige Travel

El Dorado County joins Howard Jarvis taxpayer group in fire fee lawsuit

El Dorado County has agreed to join the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association class action lawsuit seeking to overturn California's controversial fire fee.

“Hundreds of residents have contacted the county to voice their frustration about the fire tax,” said Supervisor John Knight. “The Board of Supervisors can’t sit idly by while the state is running a legalized extortion scheme on rural residents.”

El Dorado County joins fire fee lawsuit

The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to join the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association class action lawsuit seeking to overturn the state fire fee.El Dorado County residents li...

Opinion: Lawsuit against fire tax is a good move

Anti-tax group sues to end state fire fee, wants refunds

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced Thursday that it is suing to end a $150 annual state fire fee imposed on California's rural residents and obtain refunds for those who have already paid.
The group alleges in Sacramento Superior Court that the fee, which the state began collecting in August, amounts to a tax that was illegally approved without the necessary two-thirds majority of lawmakers.

Tax group sues to block Calif. firefighting fee

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A taxpayer group, joined by plaintiffs throughout California, filed a lawsuit Thursday seeking to block a fee that is being assessed on more than 800,000 property owners to rai...

Off-road vehicles in Tahoe National Forest subject of lawsuit

Column: California senate bill addresses ADA lawsuit abuse

Over the past few years, numerous small business owners have been hit with a frivolous Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit. It has been frustrating and disturbing to watch predatory attorneys w...

Column: California senate bill addresses ADA lawsuit abuse

Over the past few years, numerous small business owners have been hit with a frivolous Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit. It has been frustrating and disturbing to watch predatory attorneys w...

Lawsuit alleges online price fixing by hotel chains

Lawsuit over roads in Tahoe Forest west of Reno

RENO, Nev. - A national group representing off-highway recreationists is suing the U.S. Forest Service to try to overturn a new travel management plan on national forest lands in the Sierra west of...

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