Agencies partner to launch Lake Tahoe environmental newspaper

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has partnered with federal, state and local agencies to launch "Tahoe in Depth" a new Lake Tahoe Basin environmental newspaper.

Mailed to every Lake Tahoe Basin property owner this week, the free publication is designed to keep Lake Tahoe homeowners, residents and visitors abreast of the wide variety of activities taking place to protect and restore the Lake Tahoe Basin.

“Our goal is not only to foster environmental stewardship among visitors and residents, but also to give them ideas for how they can better experience the wonders and beauty of Lake Tahoe,” said Julie Regan, TRPA’s Chief of External Affairs and the editor of Tahoe In Depth.

Readers will find information on several new park facilities in the Lake Tahoe Basin, how to environmentally landscape their properties and create defensible space around their homes, articles on Lake Tahoe’s famed clarity, the Regional Plan Update and innovative environmental projects designed to restore and protect Lake Tahoe and its ecosystem.

“We are pleased to be a partner in the publication of Tahoe In Depth and for the opportunity to highlight the restoration and conservation of Lake Tahoe native species as well as the importance of preventing invasive species in the Lake Tahoe Basin,” said Ted Koch, U. S. Fish and Wildlife’s Nevada State Supervisor.

Funding and contributing partners include the US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Nevada Division of State Lands and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. Agencies contributing content to the publication include U.S. EPA, Bureau of Reclamation, Tahoe Resource Conservation District, the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, the California Tahoe Conservancy and the University of California Cooperative Extension.

“Tahoe In Depth will play a critical role in informing Lake Tahoe residents and visitors about the initiatives underway to protect and restore the Lake Tahoe Basin, and, most importantly, how they can help,” said Nancy Gibson, Forest Supervisor of the USFS Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit. “We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to read and enjoy this important new publication.”

Members of the public can pick up a free copy of Tahoe In Depth at the following locations: Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority and Explore Tahoe in South Lake, Tahoe City PUD and Tahoe City Visitors Information Center in Tahoe City, Tahoe Environmental Research Center and Incline Village/Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau in Incline Village. A PDF of the publication can be downloaded at as well as on many of the partner agencies’ websites.

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency cooperatively leads the effort to preserve, restore, and enhance the unique natural and human environment of the Lake Tahoe Region now and in the future. For additional information, contact Kristi Boosman at (775) 589-5230 or email to

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Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program

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The grant funds will cover the cost to have your home tested for potential lead-based paint hazards and conduct a thorough Risk Assessment.

The funds will also cover the cost to hire a contractor to control the potential lead-based paint hazards, the cost to relocate the residents, testing of children for elevated blood lead levels and provide a final clearance inspection. Enroll today while funding is available!

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